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The story of My Pretty Pony

My Pretty Pony has been a concept, an idea for five years now. It was developed by myself and my former roommate Manda. It started when Manda mistakenly called my friends' band My Pretty Pony instead of This Busy Monster (easy accident to make). I took it from there and adopted it as my band name. At the time I didn't have a band, so the na#2A142Fme became somewhat of a joke.

Then one night while Manda and I were out at the famed Crocodile Cafe to see some bands (probably the Presidents or Sister Psychic) and some drunk dude starts telling us about his band. So I told the guy that we had a band also and maybe he had heard of us. Interestingly enough, he excused himself and walked away. Manda and I continued to talk  about our band and when we would rehearse next (Tuesdays and Thursdays are very popular rehearsal days around town).

We recorded a few songs (Farmer Skinny Butt, Love Hole Courtney, Insipid Rock and Jimmy Hoffa is under my Car) and tossed the free tapes around at some other local shows (look for copies for sale on ebay) and got a couple of gigs set up for the beginning of the next year.

For Christmas that year Manda gave me the first  My Pretty Pony tee-shirt with our first tour dates on the back. The tour was the "Tickets at the Door Tour" and we played such legendary venues as the Backstage, Moe, Colourbox, RKCNDY, Off Ramp and Weathered Wall, all which no longer exist, the Crocodile Cafe, OK Hotel and Rebar. It was a great tour but we broke up soon after. Living with your band mates can be a total drag, and Manda was driving me nuts. She moved out and that was the end of our band.

The good new is that I've decided to get the old band back together again. Unfortunately I can't find Manda and the other people who had agreed to be in the band previously are busy, so it will be an all new line up (to be announced at a later date).


"Tickets in Advance Tour" 

January 16- Henry's Shrimp Shack Vernon Hills, IL
January 21- Jules Marie's Pub Seattle, WA
January 27- Dad's Bar Apache Junction, ZA
February 12- Pauly's Hair Hut Lynnwood, WA
February 14- Waegli's house of Slaw Madison, WI
March 4- Eric's Playhouse Green Bay, WI
April 29- Charmaine's Dance Club Burien, WA
June 2- Afternoon show @ The Sunshine Janesville, WI
Evening show @ The Colonel Kurtz Deli Iowa City, IA
June 27- Todd's Outback Steakhouse Sydney , NSW Australia
September 29- McCurdy Bed and Breakfast Milwaukee, WI
October 8- Mama's Crafts Store Apache Junction, AZ
November 1- Knaus-Kremer Hall  Albertville, MN
November 2- Vermeer Pizza House  Minneapolis, MN
November 15- Andrew's House of Rock Seattle, WA
December 7- McIntyre-Leighty Auditorium  Rockford, IL


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